3S PHOTONICS (http://www.3sphotonics.com) - A leading world supplier of laser chips, discrete modules and optical components for telecommunication networks.

    With over 14 years of experience, 3S PHOTONICS designs, develops, manufactures and sells active components powered by in-house III-V optoelectronic chips as well as passive components using Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG). The company also provides foundry services using its related epitaxial and wafer processing expertise.

    Multimode Components   Singlemode Components   Fiber Bragg Gratings
    Range of multimode components are designed for high power fiber laser and amplifier manufacture.  
    Telcordia and undersea qualified components for optical transmission systems.

    A wide range of fiber bragg gratings for a wide range of applications such as pump lockers, GFF's, and fiber laser mirrors.

    Assemblies   Phase Demodulators   Sensors
    A wide range of OEM telecom and industrial amplifier assemblies.  

    A telcordia qualified range of delay line interferometers for Terrestrial, submerged and military applications.
    a wide range of grating based sensors for strain, temperature and humidity.

    Transmission Laser Modules   Pump Laser Modules   Slope Dispersion Compensation

    Manufacturing & selling lasers and detectors for more than 15 years. All modules are powered by in-house chips coming from InP Wafer Fab. High frequency design and transmission system testing

    An extensive range of cost effective pump modules for terrestrial applications with an outstanding level of performance and reliability

    A new product line which finds its application in the area of high bit rates, long distance, DWDM and CATV systems.
    The new product line consists of 3 product families covering 3 types of slope dispersion compensation adapted to ITU-T G.652, G.653 & G.655 fiber characteristics.

    Chips & Foundry Services
      Broad “Chip & CoS” product offering
    Recognized product performances and reliability
    Unique “Building Block” approach
    State-of-the-art equipments
    Scalable production capacity
    Technical customization support
    Stable business relationship