Agiltron ( Incorporated is a leading producer and developer of innovative photonic components and systems. Agilttron leads the market in coupler, WDM's, optical switches, variable optical attenuators, high power optical components.

    Focusing on top quality research, engineering, and manufacturing, best in class technologies are the cornerstone that enables Agiltron's advantageous product offerings.


    Fiberoptic Components   Infrared Detectors / Imagers   Optic Components

    Agiltron leads the market in all optical switches, variable optical attenuators, high power optical components, optical  polarization and time controllers, base on three assembly platforms of micro-optics, fused fiber, and planar waveguides.
    Based on over 20 years experience, Agiltron produces discrete and array detectors of lead salt for the infrared bands of 1-3µm (PbS) and 3-5µm (PbSe). Agiltron is also developing World's lowest cost thermal imager.

    GRIN lenses, molded infrared lenses, precision glass tube and C-Lens.

    Bendable Optical Fibers   Fiber Mechanical Splice   Solid State UV Light

    Low Bend Multimode Fiber,Low Bend Loss Multimode Fiber Jumpers.

    Most compact permanent fiber splicer.

    Economical, compact, and long lasting UV curing light using advanced light emitting diode technology.

    Customer Optical Devices   Raman Spectrometers

    OCT probe, high temperature fiberoptics, high power fiberoptics.

    Our most popular and time tested series of Raman spectrometers for routine analysis.