Yaacov Cohen - CEO & Founder
    Yaacov Cohen, a self-made Israeli businessman and successful entrepreneur has been a dominant innovative leader in the Israeli industry for over 30 years, conducting large scale international business operations since 1981.  
    In 1981 Mr. Cohen, recognizing a unique business opportunity, established Toyo Ram, an Israeli based operation, which was for the better part of a decade, the first and only Israeli company to conduct trade between Israel and Japan in the electronics sector.

    Visiting Japan no less than 60 times and gaining a unique hold over the Israeli market – Mr. Cohen prospered in transforming Toyo Ram into a dominant player in the Israeli market and a legitimate distributor for world leading manufacturers.
    In 1993  Mr. Cohen founded Supertec Ltd – an ASIC Design center which in a mere decade designed tens of cheeps and sold over 30 milion  units generating impressive revenues and gaining a significant market presence as Toyo Ram grew  together with SuperTec SuperTec has been nominated as an ASIC design house of the semi-conductor leader: Fujitsu, Epson, Samsung, LG, Hyundai and others.
    Both Toyoram And Supertec continued  to lead the Israeli market with innovative products for many years  Today, most of the activity of Toyo Ram is conducted in Soligor Group with great success.
    During his years of busniess, Mr. Cohen represented leading companies such as Corning, Thrilitic, Mitsubishi Semiconductors, Fujitsu, Sony, Epson, Renesas, Hitachi, Motorola, Novatel, and more. Mr. Cohenmanaged supply for global & Local leaders such as Intel, ECI, Comverse, Gilat, Alvarion, Orbotech,  Motorola, Elbit, National, Israeli Government, MOD, IAF, IDF, Banking, Enterprises   Hot and many others.
    In 2001, while still leading the above operations, Mr. Cohen, a devoted husband and father of four children (girl and a triplets), took his vast experience, business knowhow and wide network of global contacts and founded  Soligor Technologies Ltd – a holdings company owning companies in the Telecom, Engineering, security, software and  engeneering services.
    Under Mr. Cohen’s Leadership, the Soligor Group, A Global Business Development Service provider, is currently going from strength to strength , promoting exciting technological advances and continuously seeking the next business opportunity to turn into a longstanding story of success – much like Mr. Cohen himself.