• NOTICE ( is a Korean high-tech company offering a wide range of products in the fields of fiber optic test equipments, high speed data acquisition systems and vehicle-related controllers. Since our founding in 2005, we have focused on creating products that improve efficiency and reliability by helping users resolve test and measurement issues faster and more effectively.
    As part of its product portfolio, NOTICE offers to customers an eminent and cost-effective solution of test and measurement systems with high performance. At this moment, our products portfolio includes in-vehicle controllers and the state-of-art technology, while others in the R&D domain not under the release.
    The main activities of NOTICE include development, production and sales of test and measure equipments and vehicle-related controllers. The main products are fiber optic integrated test system and handheld tester, high speed flash ADC module and vehicle-related modules and future car systems. NOTICE is specialized in high speed test and measurement (1.25Gbps optical BERT, 400Mbps flash ADC) but we are offering practically all common types of fiber optic and electronic related modules featuring low noise and high efficiency test equipments.
    A variety of optical and electronic equipments aimed at test and measurement of various telecommunication and electronic parameters is available. We have a large selection of fiber optic testers and meters, DAQ systems and low noise detectors as well as vehicle controllers and systems. Our strengths include custom design and flexibility. We also perform contract research and development as well as consulting.

    Optical Communication   Flash ADC DAQ Systems