Photline ( is an independent, privately held company that a provider of modulation solutions based on its own LiNb03 modulators and RF modules. for high data rate optical transmission networks and high bandwidth optical applications. Their clear objective is to provide the photonics industry with lithium-niobate-based high speed modulation solutions marked by excellence in performance and ease of integration. Markets covered by Photline are Telecommunications, Sensing and Instruments, Defense and Aerospace industries, and Research and Development.

    Modulators   RF Drivers and Modules   ModBoxes and Bias Controllers

    The most comprehensive range of commercial LiNbO3 modulators.

    Family of RF connectorized modules includes drivers for modulators, RF amplifiers up to 40 GHz and specific modules such as D flip-flop and delay lines.

    Photline Technologies bias controllers are designed to compensate the inherent drift of Mach-Zehnder modulators and lock their operating point so as to keep systems and lab set-ups at their top level performance.