• Soligor Photonics – Fiber Sensing Devision
     Expertise In Fiber Sensing

    Soligor Photonics - Fiber Sensing Devision based on extraordinary team of experienced professionals, technical staff, Engineers, PHDs , Logistic and support that  are able to promote large projects worldwide, and support our customers with the highest level reuierments.

    Soligor Fiber Sensing team expertise is in enhanced solutions using the following technologies:

    Brillouin  - Strain and Temperature sensing (DTSS)
    Rayleigh - Acoustical sensing (DAS)
    Raman - Temperature sensing (DTS)

    • Turn-Key Projects
    • Engineering and design
    • Project management
    • Procurement
    • Manufacturing
    • Systems integration and testing
    • Training
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Service and support

    Industry Segments

    Our advantages:
    • Knowledge , experience and access to whole required technologies.
    • Years of experience of projects in diffrence segments.
    • Supply of all required equipment and components for the project.
    • Interrogators, fiber cables, software, cabinets, clamps, cabinets, field test equipment.
    • Soligor knows the HLS materia.
    • Short-Turn around time.