• Our many years’ experience in the Specialty Fiber, Component and applications sector allows us to offer personalized consultation.

    We provide all services, from actual state documentation to fully--functional handover of jointly developed solutions. This experience spans many of the major fiber and component manufacturers. The areas of expertise include Telecommunications, Medical, Aerospace, Avionics, Sensors, Active and Passive component fiber, Polarization Maintaining, Polarizing fiber, Fiber Bragg Gratings and their applications.

    We listen to our customers’ needs and develop a service package with an individual operational concept for running systems, consisting of an availability and reaction time guarantee, and based on your corporate strategy, company-internal processes, and a needsanalysis.

    Key Benefits

    • Rapid response with solutions and suggestions to resolving "real world" problems arising in design efforts.
    • Past experience in many areas where specialty fiber is used.
    • Ability to locate and suggest fibers to use for specific applications

    Our core competencies include:

    • Pre-sales consulting.
    • Cost planning and project management.
    • Design and conception of a fiber management applications.
    • Design and conception of fiber optic sensor applications.
    • Consulting in component and provider selection.
    • Configuration of hardware components.
    • Redundancy and failure recovery plans.
    • Implementation monitoring for technical solutions including acceptance certificate.
    • Training.

    After many years of successful cooperation with the market’s most significant providers, we are able to offer you neutral and competent assistance in developing the ideal basis for decision-making.