• SPI Lasers (http://www.spilasers.com/) was established in 2000 to exploit technology developed by the renowned Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton.   
    Its core competencies and intellectual property in developing special optical fibers and Bragg gratings were initially applied to the manufacture of optical components for long-distance, high-speed telecommunications.

    redENERGY G3 fiber laser   redENERGY G4 fiber laser   redENERGY Green

    10W to 40W with up to 1.25 mJ pulse energy Up to 1 MHz pulse repetition frequency Pulsed and CW operation
    10W to 70W with up to 1.25 mJ pulse energy Plug and play delivery with ILLK Pulsed and CW operation

    8W @ 532nm 200µJ pulses at 532nm High beam quality

    redPOWER fiber laser    redPOWER High Power   redPOWER Compact

    25W- 500W  CW to 100kHz modulation frequency XPR & application optimized beam quality options
    500W, 750W, 1kW for single or multiple unit integration Power scaling to multi-kW systems
    10W & 20W 1550/1565nm 3kHz modulation