Expertise in Atmospheric Optical Communications

    Laser Communication Terminals for Aerial Applications

    • High data rates of more than 1 Gbps.
    • Point-to-point communication involving UAVs, aircraft, HAPs, satellites.
    • Scenarios: Inter-platform, platform-to-ground, platform-to-satellite.
    • No license costs, no usage restrictions, no ITU spectrum regulation.
    • High robustness to interception, jamming, or spoofing due to narrow beam divergence. "Stealth" communication.
    • High degree of eye-safety due to wavelength 1550nm.
    Second generation broadband optical flight terminal in the project ARGOS
    Aircraft optical terminal developed at DLR

    VLC's expertise lies in the development and operation of optical flight terminals and ground stations. Over the years experience has been collected in the performance of international demonstration campaigns.

    • Atmospheric effects: Standard models for scintillations and wavefront distortions, simulation of atmospheric effects.
    • Turbulence mitigation strategies: Forward Error Correction (FEC), Protocols, Adaptive Optics, Diversity Schemes.
    • Algorithms for terminal Pointing, Acquisition, and Tracking (PAT) including calibration algorithms, geodetic calculations, attitude determination, and orbit prediction.
    • Development of flight terminals: Mechanical and optical design, flight certification, software development, systems for stratospheric conditions.
    • Development of Optical Ground Stations (OGS)
    • Development of communication components adapted to atmospheric conditions.
    • Performance of international demonstration campaigns including communication scenarios from balloons, aircrafts and satellites to ground.